Habitat Tuateawa

North Coromandel Aotearoa New Zealand ecological restoration

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

The Habitat Tuateawa 2016-2020 strategic plan has been completed and signed off by our elected committee.

This plan outlines Habitat Tuateawa’s goals and plans over the coming years.

“The purpose of this strategic plan is to guide the Habitat Tuateawa committee in its decisions, promotions and allocation of resources. Specific plans will be prepared that set out actions to be taken to progress strategic goals, such as pest control. The plan will also be useful as a basis for evaluating our progress towards our longer-term goals, and to inform our members, partners, donors and other stakeholders of our interests and intentions”.

The Habitat Tuateawa Committee gratefully acknowledges the support of WWF (NZ) through its Habitat Protection Fund. This support has allowed us to focus on ‘Caring for our core at Tuateawa’, enhancing the quality of our pest control.


The plan was drafted following two strategic planning meetings and subsequent committee meetings held between June and September 2015. Following further inputs from members it was endorsed by the Habitat Tuateawa committee as our guiding document in February 2016.

See the strategic plan below:


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