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Seeking Consent to Bait Tuateawa Sept.2018

Dear Residents, Landowners and Holiday home owners!

As we have done for over 20 years now, we are planning to do our annual baiting in September again.

We choose to bait at that time of the year to protect the fledging birds, this has shown to be a successful strategy as our abundant birdlife shows.

Our kaka population has grown magnificently and more and more people are hearing kiwi at night.

This year the subdivision will be treated with Diphacinone, this is a rat specific poison. The bait will be put into the bait stations that are located around our subdivision.

The bait stations in our surrounding bush area will be filled with Cholicalcipherol, a bait that targets both possums and rats.

There will be signs installed, informing the public which area is being treated and what kind of bait is being used.

Please do not leave children or pets unattended!

All baits will be removed by the end of November.

For more information visit our website www.tuateawa.com

or contact me nickytuateawa@hotmail.co.nz ,Mobile ph. 021 2696660.

Thank you for your cooperation and help keeping Tuateawa beautiful!!!

Kind regards, Nicola Baumgaertner

(Pest Control Coordinator, Habitat Tuateawa Inc.)

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