Habitat Tuateawa

North Coromandel Aotearoa New Zealand ecological restoration

current projects

1. Pest monitoring and control (ongoing)

Since 1997, volunteers have been monitoring and controlling possums and rats within the Habitat Tuateawa Pest Control Area (HTPCA).

Tuateawa Pest Control Area

HTPCA (blue border) showing rat baiting lines and (blue dots) rat monitoring stations.

The HTPCA currently covers approximately 200-300 hectares in the vicinity of the Tuateawa subdivision. Best practice techniques are used to control pests and the objective has been to control both possums and rats as part of the same operation. Baiting is limited to the spring and early summer. In 2010 baiting for possum control was replaced by physical trapping in order to separate rat and control operations to improve the efficacy of rat and possum control, as well as reducing the amount of toxin being put into the environment. Possum trapping is maintained throughout the year. Rodent baiting continues to be restricted to the early spring – early summer period when forest birds are breeding.

In addition to Habitat Tuateawa efforts against rats and possums, MEG (Moehau Environment Group) operate trapping activities in the HTPCA for stoats and weasels.

Control lines - ex MEG

Stoat trapping network in HTPCA area of MEG’s pest control area.

2. Biodiversity Condition Fund

Habitat Tuateawa is currently (Mar 2013) negotiating with DOC for Biodiversity Condition Fund support over four-years to allow the more intensive control of pests in an expanded control area consisting of (subject to local approvals) key blocks north and south of the existing HTPCA. A key aim of the proposed work is to allow the re-establishment of titi (muttonbird) colonies on the Tuateawa shoreline as well as perhaps the re-establishment of such flagship species as kokako in the local forest.

Our current pest plan can be read using the link below:

Refined Habitat Tuateawa Pest Plan (2016 – 2018)
DRAFT March 2016


Prepared by Alan Saunders
for the Habitat Tuateawa Committee

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