Habitat Tuateawa

North Coromandel Aotearoa New Zealand ecological restoration


Habitat Tuateawa is a non-profit incorporated society based on the Northern Coromandel Peninsular. The group developed out of early beginnings as the Tuateawa Kiwi Care group (see ‘Previous Projects section).  The group is composed mainly of local volunteers who carry out a range of activities that enhance the local environment. In particular, activities aim to enhance native birdlife through effective application of best-practice pest-control activities developed in association with partners such as the Department of Conservation (DOC), Environment Waikato and the Moehau Environment Group (MEG).

The Objects of Habitat Tuateawa Incorporated are:

a)     To work to  protect the natural environment of  Tuateawa and its surrounds , and in particular the well-being of the lands, the waters, and the plants, animals and peoples of this area;

b)    To acknowledge, foster understanding and demonstrate mutual respect for and with the Tangatawhenua of the Tuateawa area and surrounds

c)     To engage in education on environmental issues, particularly issues concerning the Tuateawa area and surrounds;

d)    To support careful planning for the well-being of the lands, the waters, and the plant, animal and people of this area;

e)     To engage in projects for natural habitat enhancement, pest control, re-introductions and any other activities to further these objects; and whilst doing so, utilize best practice  that supports international humaneness standards

f)      To  encourage, support and enable members and non-members alike to protect and enhance their natural environment for its own sake and for the health, well being and happiness of all who reside in it.

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