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Habitat Tuateawa Inc.’s Pest- Control Plan for the Protection of fledging birds, Spring 2022

Habitat Tuateawa Inc.’s Pest- Control Plan for the Protection of fledging birds, Spring 2022

Dear Residents, Landowners and Holiday-home owners of Tuateawa,

Habitat Tuateawa has protected the environment for many years now and no doubt you have seen the effects this has had on the bird life and forest growth in our area.

In the last few years we have increased our possum, rat and stoat trapping immensely, an activity that is performed all year round.

This is done to help us minimise our reliance on toxins in the environment and in fact we have voiced this goal in our new Strategic Plan.

With this in mind we will NOT bait the Subdivision, known as Tuateawa, this year.

Our plan is to replace every bait station on Tuateawa Rd., Waihirere Dr.and all side roads, with traps.

We recently secured some funding from Predator Free NZ which will be going towards achieving this goal. As always, if you can help us to realise this plan, we would be very grateful.

We also need your help checking, setting and servicing these new traps but will have volunteers at hand to do this for you if you are not able to.

Unfortunately our experience in the surrounding Coromandel Forest Park (Kennedy Bay Block) shows us that a trapping-only approach is not yet an option. Pests are constantly invading from areas surrounding us where no or very little pest control is undertaken. We neither have the people power nor the trap numbers to do away with our once a year pulse of bait to get the pest numbers down and help the fledging birds.

Therefor we will be baiting the boundary line ‘WHA’ and the ‘PA-line’ with Cholicalciferol (Vitamin D), all the other lines will be baited with Diphacinone, a rat specific bait.

This will commence on the 3rd of September 2022.

All baits will be removed by 30.November 2022. Signs at the entrances of the tracks will be installed and please do not leave children or pets unattended.

Please direct any questions or comments to Tuateawa.community@gmail.com

Thank you for your cooperation, kind regards Nicky