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TAG (Tuateawa against ginger) report by Adam Yearsley

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In summary of our successful ginger bash, three sayings spring to mind;

‘Many hands make light work’, ‘Behind every good man is a great women’ and ‘Going, going, scone’.

16 or so smiling assassins assembled on a perfect Saturday morning and put simply just got stuck into it. In less than 2 hours there were slain ginger plants in every direction up and down Tuateawa Road which is a phenomenal result for the health and restoration of our native bush.

Many on the team made the point to thank me for the day but it’s time to confess Nicky was the instigator and organiser that made this day happen. Thank you Ange for hosting our sweaty team for morning tea and of course Shelly whose scones were the main reason we all turned up!

2 pics to get all that attended and worked hard in. What a great bunch.

One thought on “TAG (Tuateawa against ginger) report by Adam Yearsley

  1. Well done team you did a great job, I wish was there. Next time!
    Cheers Harm

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