Habitat Tuateawa

North Coromandel Aotearoa New Zealand ecological restoration

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Sept. and 31 st Oct 2021.

Once a year we do 2 rounds of baiting to protect fledgling birds. With the permission of DOC (on Public Conservation Land) and with permission of individual landowners we place bait with the utmost care into bait stations (attached to trees according to DOC best practice).

We fill the bait stations twice, two weeks apart and then remove all remaining bait, this is given back to the coordinator for disposal.

Baiters are most careful not to drop any bait on the ground. The bait is not attractive to birds or pets.

The rest of the year we trap, our hard working trappers check and maintain over 300 traps in our area. Through this we have been able to limit the use of bait to once a year. Our continued efforts are showing up in the increase of kaka, Kereru, Tui, Piwakawaka, Ruru, Korimako and a few more.