Habitat Tuateawa

North Coromandel Aotearoa New Zealand ecological restoration

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Article by Cathy Lenniston

Excellent turnout. Behind the scenes, Dale, who timed notifications well, meant Mike knew to delay bringing Charlie’s cattle down from the top paddocks for us.
With Pat’s expert guidance, man and machine dealt to several enormous pampas. We hope to replace these with our native toetoe, sourced from plants right across the stream as seed from plumes.
Hard to believe that these tiny seedlings may one day, occupy the space vacated by it!
Next autumn, more plumes will be harvested and anyone who wants to, may have a go at propagating some themselves to spread around the neighborhood, preferably where pampas has been removed.
Meanwhile a team of us re-staked young trees bowled over by the floods, collected storm litter and removed blackberry runners that were already setting root. This saves a huge amount of work in spring. Liz even found a large rathole which she and Tracy stuffed with blackberry twigs and stomped on.
Others took their own initiative, removing potential firewood off the beach, weeding asparagus fern up behind the loos, cutting off branches that obscured traffic visibility, bringing us fresh scones, and taking photos etc.
I had said I would keep this short but how could I when so much was achieved in the equivalent of a forty hour week???
Add to that the efforts of Adam and Nicky, elsewhere slashing ginger, and Alan and friends, building a mussel buoy library. What a morning.

Cheers, Cathy.