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Article from Cathy Leniston thanking the huge turnout for the Wetlands planting on 29/8/2020

A huge Thank You to all who helped out at the Wetland this Saturday, especially those who have also done baitlines in the same weekend. There must have been at least twenty volunteers there so I won’t name you individually.
There were a few more behind the scenes whom I will mention however;  Julia who provided the scones and husband, Tony, who, took it upon himself to whip up a couple of pizzas in his outdoor oven. 
About 140 plants (mainly courtesy of WRC), went in, including the flax fans, untold linetrimming and some Watsonia bulb weeding, all in the equivalent of a forty hour week. Many hands make light work. Cam helped Mum cover the saplings.
Now all we need is a bit of rain to wet the coconut fibre ‘weed mats’. I reckon we can be confident we’ll get that.   A few people are wondering why we are planting mingi mingi and other trees that they haven’t noticed growing locally. Good question. When I’ve asked the experts where a similar wetland is located, I’ll let you know more.