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North Coromandel Aotearoa New Zealand ecological restoration

Tuateawa Wetland Restoration Project

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It i s covering old ground to say that I am taking over from Libby in the care of the wetlands down behind the boat ramp . In case you don’t already have them, here are my contact details : Catherine Leniston ( 029)1200439 catherine.ladybird@gmail.com It would be a shame to let all the work of plant donors and volunteers go to waste so my husband, Grant, Steve Garmey and others on occasion, have been down there releasing them mainly from the saltwater paspalum and the blackberry . Flaxes have been planted but we need more. Steve Garmey kindly grew, donated and planted about 20 putaputaweta trees ( Carpodetus serratus ). Thanks, Steve.

​Gorse and blackberry have been cut alongside the road and Libby helped weed asparagus ferns. Grant, Terry McColl and I have been spreading seaweed around, both in a thick band alongside the stream to smother the grass and around the young trees to feed them, keep back the grass and hopefully, help to anchor the plant shields that have a tendency to blow away when their stakes rot at ground level. I have made contact with Charlie Ritchie, whose paddock backs onto the lower stream edge and cliffs. He and his wife, Lisa, are happy with our work to date. Charlie even went so far as to provide me with their written consent on certain conditions.

There is plenty more to be done behind the scenes by the way, Grant and I are down there most Saturday s from 10am to noon doing weeding and other maintenance if you care to join us. Clearing plastic and other rubbish from the beach area is ongoing so if you head down there try to remember to take an old bag or sack with you and take home t o add to your rubbish bag. An interesting task after a storm particularly …

Some Photos taken just after lockdown

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