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Hi Everyone
This post is about an incident that occurred in Tuateawa on Tuesday 29th October.
A fire broke out on the property of a residence on Waihirere Drive. A permanent resident of the area noticed the smoke and went to investigate. Luckily for all of us she did this.
The resident of the property had disposed of some ashes thinking they were cold out onto a garden area. Unfortunately that was not the case. The ashes smoldered and eventually caught fire.
The resident was not home and therefore had turned their water pump off in which prevented the use of their hose.
With quick thinking the resident that noticed the smoke called out to neighbours and quickly phoned others for help as most in the area were not home.
The fire was controlled and extinguished. Kennedy Bay fire brigade attended.
PLEASE , coming into summer be vigilant in your surroundings. If you notice something not right..investigate..
Had there been the strong winds of the days previous this may of been a different outcome for all who live in Tuateawa .

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