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Notification of baiting in Tuateawa Sept.2018

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Notification of baiting in  Tuateawa Sept.2018

To whom it may concern!

Habitat Tuateawa Inc. will be baiting the subdivision and the native bush to the north of Tuateawa from 1.September 2018.

We will be using Diphacinone baits in the subdivision and

Cholicalcipherol in the native bush.

All baits will be removed by 30.November 2018.

Signs in the subdivision and at the entrance of each bush track will notify the public of the baiting operation.

More information can be found on our website  www.Tuateawa.com

Or contact me on  nickytuateawa@hotmail.co.nz or phone me on 021 2696660

Thank you for your attention,

Kind regards Nicola Baumgaertner

(Pest Control Coordinator, Habitat Tuateawa Inc.)

Emergency contact details

Colville Community Health Centre, Dr.Kate Armstrong   07 8666618
Coromandel Family Health Centre, Dr. Brian McLeod     07 8668500
Veterinary Services:
Coromandel   07 8668556,    call free 24 hours  0800 2843838
Whitianga      07 8665314     (24 hours)

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