Habitat Tuateawa

North Coromandel Aotearoa New Zealand ecological restoration

One thought on “Wendis nocturnal visitor

  1. Thanks for putting these photos up Dale. I really enjoyed my 3 nights of interaction with this cute little Flesh-footed Shearwater. It really explored my place…even checking out my kitchen a couple of times. I would hear the stones moving on my path, look out my door and there it was, sitting at the bottom of my kitchen steps!! Cute!! I actually had to step over it as it wouldn’t move when I went down those steps.
    I put these photos and a video up onto the FB NZ birders page and got a lot of reactions!! It was most likely a juvenile scoping out my place for a nest site…..I loved having it around, but would not be too keen to have them nesting under my buildings!!
    Here is a link that tells you everything you need to know about them. http://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/?q=node/198 you can also hear the horrendous noise they make in their burrows!!
    I am sending through a video to be put up because it will show how much danger these birds are in when they are on land. It is pretty obvious that they are not made for walking around on terra firma!! So to that end, they are in great danger from dogs etc. as they are so clumsy.
    I have missed it lately, so I am hoping for more interactions in the future as they breed on the Mercury island group.
    I was also lucky enough to hear a male kiwi call from up in the valley behind my place a couple of weeks ago. Probing has been seen up there too, so, yay!!
    One more thing (!!!) I also had a wonderful moment of a Ruru flying in my headlights for approx 4 seconds!! It doesn’t sound long, but when you are trying not to hit it, it seems like it is a really long time!!
    Well, thats my novel for today……cheers, Wendi!! 🙂

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