Habitat Tuateawa

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Tuateawa Bird Story from Beat


Tuateawa Bird Story

We are privileged to call Tuateawa our sporadic home for over 30 years. The spectacular scenery and the laid-back quietness of the area entranced us from the beginning. Not much has changed, except for one thing: the recovering bush and the prolific birdlife! Not only can we call the endangered Coromandel brown kiwi a local resident, the dawn chorus of tui, koromiko, kereru, kaka and a range of other birds is getting showier every year. But nothing reflects the success of continuing pest control by Habitat Tuateawa better than observing a nesting kaka and their healthy fledglings a few footsteps from our bach.

More information about kaka and other native birds, their songs and photos: http://nzbirdsonline.org.nz/species/kaka

Note: Habitat Tuateawa undertakes regular (quarterly) bird counts to evaluate the status of our birds and any changes over time, using the 5 minutes method:


2 thoughts on “Tuateawa Bird Story from Beat

  1. Thanks for this Dale! I have only been here just over a year and one thing I absolutely love is the birdsong…….throughout the entire day and night 🙂 I have recently also been lucky enough to have a night time visit 3 nights in a row by a Flesh-footed Shearwater. Very cool little bird!! 🙂

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