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Myrtle Rust warning

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FYI – DOC have circulated a blog to staff and public – see below.

As you’re lying under your favourite pohutukawa tree this summer, look up. If you see any yellow spots on leaves, flower buds (or fruits of myrtaceae), reach for your phone, take a photo and call the Ministry of Primary Industries https://www.mpi.govt.nz/ (MPI) hotline—0800 80 99 66. http://www.mpi.govt.nz/protection-and-response/finding-and-reporting-pests-and-diseases/report-a-pest-or-disease/

myrtle rust

Don’t hesitate, and don’t touch it! If it is myrtle rust (Pucinnia psidii), a fungus that attacks Myrtaceae species (including rata, manuka, kanuka, ramarama, eucalyptus, guava and feijoa), it will be as mobile as talcum powder.

If you are off to Australia, New Caledonia or Indonesia at Christmas, make extra certain your shoes, bag and equipment are clean before coming home.

DOC – Blog on Myrtle rust

Auckland Council Information & Advice Myrtle Rust May 2014

biosecurity mrytle

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